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Everything you should know about Supercraft Server Before joining

Do you love dragon ball, a superb Minecraft game, or survival to enjoy the game? Do you want to play with different players in the world? If yes, then you can join the  Supercraft server. It is an amazing platform that helps you to enjoy the game fully. Now, if you want to join one of the best Minecraft servers in the world, you should know about the various features of this server.

Server IP address

The server IP address is of this one of the superb  Minecraft servers is You can copy this link and paste it into the box where it is required. In this way, you can successfully join the server.

Joining Supercraft server

To join this best Minecraft server you have to follow the steps given below.

Open the launcher, click the play button, and select the Multiplayer from the menu option.

Now click on the Add server tab and paste the server’s IP address.

After that, click on done to join the server and then play the game you want to enjoy.

When the server light turns green, you can join it and start playing your favorite game. After joining you have to create a password, and every time you connect you add the password to maintain privacy in the particular room.

Super Craft supported versions.

The Supercraft  Minecraft server supports the 1.7.10. moreover, you can also use older or lower versions for connecting and playing the server. The server host is in the USA and has a fast connection.

Game mode supported

The supported game mode on this best Minecraft server is PvP, Roleplay, and PvE.

These are the few characteristics of this game. However, you should be aware of the rules after joining this server.

Things To Remember

It is the player’s responsibility to follow the regulations after joining this Minecraft game. Some of the rules are listed below.

  • Players should not send an IP address that is not related to Supercraft. Otherwise, the player has to bear the penalty. Moreover, it is strictly prohibited to the spam web address.
  • It is also forbidden to annoy any user or repeat messages and prohibited to change or resell Minecraft accounts. No one can sell any item within the server without the authentication of the server’s staff.
  • It is not allowed to threaten, bully or insult any player in the Supercraft Minecraft servers. Any bad word of disrespect towards another player may lead to a sanction.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to be kind to other users and respect others. One should control his attitude and emotions while playing the game on the best Minecraft server.

Final verdict

Playing the Minecraft game on this one of the best  Minecraft servers will give you an amazing gameplay experience. You will spend hours and does not get bored while playing through this server. No matter what game of Minecraft you want to play, you can join and start playing. The only thing is that you have to follow the rules. If you deny, you have to pay the penalty in the form of a suspension. The server admin may suspend you for one month or according to the rules set by the server. Join this best Minecraft server with confidence and have time full of entertainment.

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